How One Blue Marble University Graduate Used Our Online M.D. Degree To Own A Clincial Practice

As featured in Non Clinical Doctors, this is a success story featuring one of our M.D. graduates, Dr. Deven Sharma. The “Non Clinical Doctors” website reports on avenues and careers in medicine that do not involve direct patient care.

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Dear Dr. Deven Sharma- What a terrific story of how one graduate of our 3 year online Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program from Blue Marble University Medical School continued on to add additional credentials and use our degree to enter clinical practice management! This was always the intent for using our Md degree in a non-clinical medical career, and you are such an excellent example of how this could work. Many of our other graduates use our degree within the pharmaceutical industry also. Wishing you all the best of success, and once these things get rolling, as you have started, I am sure that many more opportunities will come along to allow you to expand your entry into the medical field even more...that is if you want to. Thanks so much for sharing. Walter

Blue Marble University Medical School remains the world’s only totally online M.D. program. Although our degree is not intended for any clinical practice, some students have been very successful in reaching their goals in the medical field as reported here.

Not for everyone, to be sure, but this is the interesting story of how one of our M.D. graduates from Fiji, came to be the owner and CEO of the Ellerslie Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. The clinic is an accredited supplier of health services to private health insurers, governmental agencies, and private patients.

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Deven Sharma Story

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