Kind Comments From A Recent M.D. Graduate-Blue Marble University

Today, we highlight recent comments and review of Blue Marble University Medical School by a Indian graduate living and working in Canada. We felt that this review would be helpful to applicants considering our online M.D. program:

“[Dear Dr. Drake] When I first began to search for completion of an MD program, one of the foremost attractive points was the honesty that was consistently displayed in your writings/website. When I read about your journey to seek knowledge, coupled with intention to do something to set up a university where your son would get educated, and your writings on accreditation and some of the rat race that is happening in non-real universities, it simply matched with what was going on within me. You never gave up and consistently upgraded yourself, staying throughout connected with your core! Fantastic Dr. Walter!

Please accept the Final exam assignments that I have attached to this email. Please take your time as per your University schedule. This is my final term and exams!!.

I really have to thank you for the opportunity and a tremendous experience!! I am trying to find reasons why Blue Marble University School of Medicine is not yet accredited. Again, I state the fact, the BlueMarble University Medical School MD program is equal to an MD-PhD program offered by many so-called accredited schools. This is not eulogy, but from my first hand experience having gone through quite a few universities. It’s my experience that the value of accredited schools has dropped down within my personal space. What I could not get a grip on, for example in terms of research paper analysis in the past, I did that in your program. I was not used to write ups, essay types in medical schools. Of course, MCQs are a good way of learning the precise facts, but essay types are best for demonstrating the comprehension, thought process, and ability to reproduce a sequence of events. Therefore, I don’t have any hesitation to say that your MD program is no less than any popular accredited medical school…Now during post-pandemic most schools have gone online including clinical rotations, I sincerely wish Blue Marble Medical School is accredited by default without any Himalayan accreditation fees. The future is online and it is already happening, and you have set precedence a long time ago!!  I once again thank you for the time and consideration.!”

Subramanian K. (Canada)
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Blue Marble University Medical School

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Blue Marble University still offers the only fully online M.D. program in the world.  And while you cannot become a licensed physician in the US, as we have no clinical rotations, our degree is useful in many other peripheral medial career tracks. Some students in some countries have reported that they have been able to couple our MD degree with additional training to enter clinical medicine. But we always stress that our online MD degree is not intended for the clinical practice of medicine.

For those applicants looking for additional medical education for use in a clinical career, such as nursing, paralegal careers, or other careers involving direct patient contact, we recommend our companion program:
Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Medical Arts.

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