What You Can Do With an M.D. Degree From Blue Marble University Medical School

Blue Marble University Medical School has been offering our online M.D. degree for almost 10 years.  We offer the only 3 year online MD degree in the world. Located in Dominica, Blue Marble University M.D. degrees are considered equivalent to regionally accredited US colleges and universities as determined by foreign education credential evaluators. Many reviewers have even found our curriculum equivalent to traditional medical schools academically.

Because Blue Marble University online Medical School offers an “Executive Type” Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D.),  some applicants ask: What Can I Do With the M.D. degree from Blue Marble University?

Graduates of the program are on exactly the same footing as other unlicensed M.D.’s. Which means that even though you cannot treat patients one on one, you can make money in many medically related careers. Just like the many other unlicensed physicians who chose not to complete the licensing examinations, or were unable to complete required clinical residencies.

Here are some examples of how you can use the M.D. degree from Blue Marble University Medical School:

Pharmaceutical Industry-Research, Development, Laboratory, Sales, Management

Bio-Medical Research

Clinic and Hospital Management

Medical Device Research and Manufacturing

Medical Device Regulation

Medical Professional

Health Insurance Industry

Corporate Medical Insurance Departments

Writing and Consulting

Medical Laboratory Ownership

Medical Malpractice Claims Consultant

Clinic Operations such as cosmetic clinics

Medical Regulatory Agencies that consider:

Health Care Regulation: 

Anti-Kickback and Stark legislation
Americans With Disability Act
Patient Abuse

Medical Law: Confidentiality, medical malpractice, criminal law, ethics
Expert Witness in Trials
Public Health Law: power, duty and restraint
Consumer Health Care Law: universal healthcare, national healthcare
Reproductive health and gender legislation
Health Care usage: Government regulations, patient consent
Medical Law: Education and license requirements, birth and death certificates
Controlled substances and marijuana regulations
Supplements and Usage

So, don’t think of an MD degree from Blue Marble University as leading to being just an “unlicensed physician”.  Rather, consider yourself as someone who is an Executive MD,  Medical Scientist, Medical Regulator, or Medical Administrator.  We teach you the “language of medicine”, and in order to understand and effectively use the language, you have to be trained in the medical arts. That is what our online M.D. Degree is all about.

And if you are really sharp, you can find new ways to use our online M.D. degree successfully, as one of our former students has done: https://bluemarbleuniversitymedicalschool.com/2022/02/06/how-one-blue-marble-university-graduate-used-our-online-m-d-degree-to-own-a-clincial-practice/ 

So, why not come to be: Your Name, M.D.

Blue Marble University Medical School
The Only Online Medical School in the World
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