SVF- The Gold Standard for Stem Cell Therapy

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It is only fitting therefore that this review of the SVF procedure, being the most widely applied stem cell therapy in the world, be summarized on the Blue Marble University Medical School website.

So, what is SVF and how is it the gold standard for stem cell therapy worldwide?

SVF stands for: Stromal Vascular Fraction. This is the “soup” containing not only stem cells, but the very important growth factors, endothelial cells, cytokines, and messenger molecules that is collected from a mini-liposuction of belly fat. Referred to as “adipose tissue”, our belly fat contains not only fat cells, but an amazing array of dormant stem cells and soluble healing factors many of which have been identified. By removing about 50-60 cc of adipose tissue in a mini-liposuction procedure, these healing stem cells and soluble proteins, cytokines, growth factors and so forth can be separated out, cleaned up and re-injected into the same patient. Activation-that is- stimulation of the stem cells is required prior to Intravenous injection (IV). Both the stem cells themselves, as well as the supporting growth factors, endothelial cells, cytokines, and messenger molecules are needed to obtain a therapeutic result.

From Ambrose Cell Therapy, we have this excellent depiction of adipose tissue, and the various types of stem cells which can be derived following disassociation of the tissue.

Disassociation of the adipose tissue can be achieved typically through the use of enzymes or ultrasound. In addition, and extremely important, activation of the stem cells must be employed following disassociation in order to achieve robust stem cells which will cause a therapeutic result. Without stimulating the stem cells, they will not do much of anything, which may explain why off the shelf stem cells approved by the FDA have never been shown to have any effect and are not used for any treatment.

Activation is achieved by subjecting the harvested stem cells to various wavelengths of light, and various “light boxes” are available for this purpose.

The following video depicts the processing of SVF using the “Time Machine” apparatus developed by the California Stem Cell Treatment Center. This features what is referred to as “closed system” processing which was apparently persuasive in achieving their win against the FDA right to regulate stem cell therapy in the U.S. Please see this link which discusses the case:

The Time Machine video follows:

In addition, to round out the discussion, we have an excellent series of practical videos kindly provided to us by Dr. Phillip Yoo, DC, of the 21st Century LaserStem Pain and Regenerative Medicine Institute (Garden Grove, California):


Final Comments:

Stem cell therapy has been accepted world wide since the early success in Thailand in 2002 treating cardiac patients from the U.S. Current therapy employs the SVF harvested via abdominal liposuction, processed to separate out the cells and soluble growth factors and other cytokines, activated via light stimulation, and re-injected IV into the same patient. Of course, the US lags behind. No one seems to be pushing for this therapy to be regularly adopted and offered in the US. So, Americans are continually forced to go overseas to Mexico, Thailand, Panama, China, Dubai and other countries for cure and control of most of our most debilitating diseases.

Hopefully, with the recent successful court case holding that stem cell therapy is the authorized practice of medicine outside of FDA regulation, more treatments employing SVF will be offered.



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