General information on How to Make Payments to Blue Marble University School of Medicine

Only Bank Wire Transfers to Our Bank In the USA or Overseas Are Accepted for Payment of  Tuition by Blue Marble University School of Medicine

You do not need a bank account to make a wire transfer. Most banks will provide this service for a nominal fee even if you don’t have an account with them.

There are No Refunds—No Exceptions

For Tuition, we keep it simple. We charge annually and not by the credit. That way, you always know what your total charges are!!

Tuition: $4,500 USD with payment plan [$1500 USD down payment at enrollment, and 10 monthly payments of $300 USD thereafter]; or $4000 USD advance lump sum payment per year.

Payment: We use an in house private banking system for the collection of tuition and other payments in which our Registrar and Comptroller Acharaporn Udomsri acts as a third party payment processor and collects payments for immediate issuance of receipt by Blue Marble University School of Medicine. Further information as to why we switched to private banking and what private banking is can be found here:

Why We Changed To Private Banking 2015

The Notice To Employers may be helpful as well.

Alternative Payment Method (USA only): Person to Person (P2P): Most online banks permit you to send a P2P payment. If you would like to use this approach, please let us know and we will send you the following information:

Name of Recipient
Email Address of Recipient
Last 4 digits of Recipient Account

(A) For Applicants and Students within the USA  Only
[International Students See Part B Below]

All payments for tuition and other fees are paid to and collected by Acharaporn Udomsri, Comptroller and Registrar of Blue Marble University School of Medicine by either Domestic Wire Transfer, Electronic Transfer from an Online Bank Account, or via transfer through Western Union for which you may use a credit card or debit card.

When you are accepted into our program, you will be given an Invoice with payment instructions at that time.

(B) International Students Outside the USA

When you are accepted into our program, you will be issued an Invoice which will give you further instructions, such as account numbers and so forth, as well as information for making payment via Western Union and via Direct International Wires using SWIFT Code.

Western Union is the gold standard for international cross border payments. We can also accept your payment via Direct Bank Wire Deposit to a designated bank account in the name of one or more individuals directly involved in the administration of our program.

In this regard, we have instituted a private banking system in which Person to Person payments may be made to one of our two designated Payment Agents: Walter P. Drake, Director of Blue Marble University School of Medicine; and Acharaporn Udomsri, Registrar and Comptroller of the University.  These two individuals have a direct connection to Blue Marble University.  They are authorized, bonded agents of the University and accept direct transfers of tuition payments on behalf of, and as Trustees of, Blue Marble University School of Medicine.

WARNING: Only the two Payment Agents listed here on our website (Walter P. Drake and Acharaporn Udomsri) are the authorized payment agents of Blue Marble University School of Medicine.


You will ALWAYS receive an Immediate Receipt from the Blue Marble University School of Medicine via email for any and all payments made to our Payment Agents listed above.


If you need help or have any problem with paying, please contact us for help: