Academics Overview

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Medical School Student Guide January 2023

Blue Marble University is a virtual university. That means there are no classrooms and no campus. Course content is presented primarily via video lectures found on the internet. The lectures are given by world renowned physicians and scientists. In addition to video lectures, texts and other internet resources are used as well. All courses in this program are led by qualified educators. The program has three segments: Basic Sciences, including the new medicine, stem cell biology; Core Medical Courses; and Administrative type subjects such as insurance, negligence liability, and hospital management. So, the educators used for each segment will be different, with a physician leading the core medical courses segment. As a virtual university, course material is not “taught” by a professor or instructor, but rather learned by the student in a self-learning process.

Two programs:
3 year online medical degree, Doctor of Medicine (MD)
5 year online combined Bachelor/Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Obtaining a medical degree online is not only appropriate,  but is being adopted by many top ranked US medical schools which are dropping lectures in classrooms in favor of online courses.

All students accepted for matriculation are expected to graduate and receive the Doctor of Medicine degree. It is our desire that if you don’t mind a little work, you don’t mind reading and studying, we will help you through the program to completion. We want you to succeed. If you adhere to the program in an honest way, you WILL get to the end. You will graduate with a command of the field and a confidence that you can think independently within the medical field.

If you are currently working in the medical field, biomedical field, or are interested in medicine, this is a great opportunity to acquire a Doctor of Medicine degree online while continuing with your current endeavours. This distance learning MD degree program is designed for individuals already employed in a scientific or medical setting, or students with prior education or interests in the biomedical sciences wishing to pursue an online MD degree. It is best suited for working adults, lab technicians, medical technicians, science educators, and medical administrators. Consequently, the program is structured for part-time study over 3 years.

There are no “clinical rotations”, “clinical internships” or anything else related to hands-on patient contact. The Blue Marble University online medical degree is not intended for use in clinical medicine but rather to be used in peripheral medical careers not involving patient contact. For more information on what you can do with an online MD degree, please study the following page, also available by clicking the “Highlights” tab above: