Student Portal

Student Portal-Academic Record Page

This is where you find your Curriculum, Courses, and Grades

Each student will have an Academic Record Page. This is a password-protected web page created for you and retained permanently by Blue Marble University. Once you become enrolled, this page will be created for you. The password is always your date of birth in the format: MM/DD/YYYY

A typical url for your Academic Record Page is like this

and also:

Both pages are the same, the difference is that is a paid-for domain name; while is a free domain that is permanent regardless of whether the paid-for domain is continued. This is a safety valve to ensure the permanency of your record regardless of anything that may happen to the University far into the future.

When issued to you, please retain this url among your permanent very important papers.

This page will be your go-to page for all of your studies and courses while you are in our program and will contain:

Curriculum: You will note that your Academic Record page shows the program Curriculum. The entire curriculum is shown, even though you may have been excused from some of the courses. This is shown for your convenience, and when your program has been completed, or you leave prematurely, it will be removed, since your coursework would be permanently shown. We may not follow the order shown in the Curriculum as we like to group students and we also assign courses based on available Instructors.

Courses, Links, and Grades: In this section, you will find the list of your courses. As you reach your three new courses for a term, you will be notified. In scrolling down the list, when you reach your courses for the term, you will note the course description. Following the course description, will appear a Link to the course, which will contain the Syllabus, downloadable learning materials, videos, your Calendar for the course, possible lectures and staff notes, and finally, at the end, your Exams or Assignments for the course. Each course will look something like this,
Please note the Link and Password which will take you to the course in our our library:

You will need to Click on the Link, enter the Password, and the course will open up to you. To avoid doing this over and over, please bookmark the link to your three courses for each term, as well as bookmark your Academic Record Page.

Note: When your program is completed (or is ended prematurely), the links to the courses will be removed, and all that will remain is your Grade. So, if you would like to save your courses permanently, please save as PDF files or otherwise. There are many ways to save a webpage as a PDF file. Just search Google for “how to save a web page as a PDF”. Everyone’s system and browser is different. Apple Mac users can simply use the “Print” function in Safari and then select Save As PDF or Export as PDF.

As we said above, your Academic Record Page will be your go-to page for all of your studies and courses while you are in our program.

As you complete each course, your Grade will be entered.