Sample video lecture by acclaimed pathologist John R. Minarcik MD covering the subject  “Diseases of Blood Vessels” used in our course, Pathology (2)-Systemic. The video typifies the kind of instruction used at the Blue Marble University School of Medicine:

Another video about pathology of the Eye:

Teaching Faculty

From time to time applicants inquire about our teaching faculty. While we do have some “in house” faculty members, we rely primarily on learned physicians and other experts who have generously made their lectures and knowledge available to the world online. So, through the use of video lectures and other online resources, our courses are “taught” by world renowned medical lecturers. And our in-house faculty members serve in the roles of Mentors and Advisors, answer questions, and generally supervise the course content. In this way, we can offer to our students lectures and content from qualified faculty from other worldwide institutions, like the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, yet which are not on our staff nor associated with us. Internationally acclaimed faculty thus become our faculty for some courses and lectures.

Our online MD degree program has three segments: Basic Sciences, including the new medicine, stem cell biology; Core Medical Courses; and Administrative type subjects such as insurance, negligence liability, and hospital management. So, the educators used for each segment will be different, with a physician generally leading the core medical courses segment.

Education at a Virtual University

Education in the virtual world is different. It is essentially a self-learning experience. We do not have buildings or offices which house professors who give lectures in large lecture halls and in some cases conduct research activities. Rather we use learned scientists and educators to help develop our course content which is then uploaded to our website for delivery to students. As a virtual university, course material is not “taught” by a professor, but rather learned by the student in a self-learning process.

Consequently, our online MD program relies more heavily on Information Technology (IT) staff than on in house “teaching faculty”. Our course content for our online doctor of medicine degree is developed and decided upon at the top with input from qualified people, rather than based on which particular faculty we have and what their individual specialties are. Our online MD program is predesigned in order to achieve consistency which does not exist where various instructors are permitted to conduct their own courses. We require our students (and hence our faculty mentors/guides) to follow a specific path to ensure that the highest quality of educational outcome is achieved.

This concentration on consistency also benefits our students in that by generally supplying only a few Instructor/mentors for our MD degree program, the student can become comfortable as to what is expected, and experience less variation (sometimes radical) in teaching styles commonly experienced when subjected to a different faculty member for every course.

Key Staff

Some of our day to day staff members:

Walter P. Drake (Thailand circa 2005)

Walter P. Drake, JD, PhD
Director, Blue Marble University Medical School

A published scientist in the field of tumor immunology, with 25 lead author research reports in bio-medical journals, Dr. Drake serves as the Director of the Medical School. Dr. Drake has a law background in medical malpractice and medical insurance, as well as a science background in tumor immunology and stem cell biology. More recently, Dr. Drake was co-author of the first definitive  paper published in the United States  reporting the safety of adult stem cell treatments, Click for PDF version: Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction. J Clin Med Res 2017: 9(11): 935-942.
Dr. Drake’s CV can be found Here: Walter P. Drake Curriculum Vitae


Kelli Miller, PhD
Director of Education

Dr. Miller is an experienced educator in the post-secondary school environment. Prior to obtaining her doctoral degree in “Post-secondary and Adult Education”, she received a Masters Degree from Jones International University with a study specialization in “Challenges of Non-Traditional Adult Learners”. She has designed curricula and training programs for the State of Georgia. Most importantly to our students, Dr. Miller “wrote the book” on being a PhD Mentor and Editor for doctoral candidates. We are very happy to have Dr. Miller contributing to our new institution, and she serves as our overall Director of Education.

Jagiellonian University Medical College (Krakow, Poland) [Photo credit:]

History of Jagiellonian University Medical College

Professor Doctor Piotr Beck, D.Sc.
Director of Admissions

Dr. Beck is a retired Professor from Jagiellonian University, Medical College, Krakow. Although trained in Pharmacy, his experience is in medical aspects of stem cell therapy having engaged for many years in liver regeneration using fetal tissue. Dr. Beck teaches some of our basic science courses.

Paiboon Kirawittaya, MD

Dr. Kirawittaya is a physician from Thailand and the USA. A former assistant professor and lecturer at Mahidol School of Medicine, Dr. Kirawittaya was a medical fellow at Baylor University Medical Center later joining the medical staff and assisting in cardiac surgeries. He eventually returned to Thailand and worked as hospital staff at various Bangkok area hospitals, and becoming a part-time medical school instructor before retiring in 2005. His specialty is Internal Medicine and he is currently writing a medical text on modern medicine for Thai medical students.


Acharaporn Udomsri
Registrar and Custodian of Records

Germaine Wilson
Information Technology

Germaine is our tech specialist, in charge of uploading content and serves as our digital librarian. He makes use of outside technical consultants as necessary. Works with instructors and staff to assist with our website and functions of the university. Our problem solver.