Doctor of Science in Medical Arts

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)
The Medical Arts

News Release September 1, 2020:
For the January 1, 2021  Start Date

Blue Marble University Medical School
Doctor of Science in the Medical Arts

In addition to our online M.D. degree we are now offering a Doctor of Science  (D.Sc.)  degree in Medical Arts. We feel this new degree will have even broader career applications by not only covering traditional medical school courses, but by including new courses useful and sought after in many peripheral medical and health care careers.

Although there are no clinical rotations, this 3 year online program goes farther than all traditional M.D. programs in covering Hospital Management, Medical Malpractice, Medical Devices, and the new Stem Cell Medicine. We also cover Medical Insurance and Coding, Medical Records Management, Epidemiology and pandemic management.  Our Medical Laboratory courses prepare graduates for many career opportunities in testing and laboratory management roles in Hematology, Toxicology, Serology, Bacteriology, and Immunology, and Clinical Pathology.

Our program is particularly useful for already licensed nurse practitioners and licensed physician’s assistants looking to round out their educations with a doctoral degree for advancement into health care management positions.

Broad based education in the Medical Arts…
That is what our new Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) program is all about


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Blue Marble University Medical School, D.Sc. Medical Arts, leads to  careers in:

Pharmaceutical Industry
Biomedical Research
Clinic and Hospital Management
Medical Device Research and Manufacturing
Health Insurance Industry
Corporate Medical Insurance Department
Writing and Consulting
Medical Laboratory Ownership
Medical Malpractice Claims Consultant
Operating Various Clinics Such as Cosmetic Clinics
Clinical Laboratories and Testing

The Most Common Questions:

Curriculum: The Curriculum for our new D.Sc. Medical Arts degree is being developed and will be finalized by January 1, 2021. It will closely track our current M.D. Curriculum which is found HERE:

Who Can Apply: Almost everyone can meet the requirements of either our 3-year or 5-year program:

How to Apply and cut-off times for each class:

When to Apply: New Rolling Admissions…Enroll Anytime!!
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Tuition Cost and Books:

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