Blue Marble University Medicine School (division of Blue Marble University) is a virtual medical school offering an Executive Style M.D. degree at a very affordable cost. Are we accredited? No, and we don’t have to be. 

Most medical schools in the world are not accredited. If the country in which they operate puts their name into Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), their students are approved to sit for the US licensing exams (USMLE’s) even though many foreign students only have diplomas, not medical doctoral degrees.

As we offer no clinical rotations, our medical degree is equivalent academically to a US medical degree but graduates may not sit for the USMLE nor practice clinical medicine. We offer what can be considered an Executive MD degree, and our graduates are on the same footing with graduates of traditional programs who chose not to complete their licensing examinations and use their M.D. degree instead for non-clinical careers in research, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance industry, corporate medical departments, governmental health agencies, or hospital and health care management.

Blue Marble University degrees and programs are accredited internationally and also have been determined to be equivalent to regionally accredited USA colleges. Please see further information Here:

But for the Medical School, because there is no clinical training and our degree cannot be used to satisfy any educational requirement for licensing for physician or any health care provider, it is unclear what a reviewer may determine, and also, why someone seeking an executive style MD would need such review.

However, although not accredited, our MD program has in some cases been considered equivalent academically to a US Medical School, as determined by various foreign education credential evaluators. One of our recent graduates was able to obtain the following reviews:

Two Excerpts from Foreign Education Evaluation Reports

On review of our MD degree program by a foreign education credentials evaluator on behalf of one of our graduates, it was found: “This is a three-year program of graduate study in Medicine. It is equivalent to a U.S. degree, Doctor of Medicine, from an institution that does not have regional accreditation…This is an evaluation for equivalency solely; only qualified authorities can determine licensure for medical graduates”.

Another separate credential evaluation service issued its Final Report: “After careful research and analysis the certified credential evaluators have determined that [the student] has satisfied the requirements to attain the equivalent of a Doctor of Medicine Degree from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States”.

However, most students may only be able to obtain equivalency to a doctoral program in the US rather than equivalency to a M.D. program. It just really depends on the reviewer and the student’s overall presentation.

In any event, our M.D. degree will be a career booster.