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Medical School Student Guide January 2023

Blue Marble University Online Medical School is on the cutting edge of medical education. This is because online medical education is here now, and is no longer considered second class, or inferior, but rather the superior new medical education model for the non-clinical portion of the medical curriculum. In the near future it is more than likely that even clinical training in part will be offered online.

In 2011, when Blue Marble University first opened its online medical degree program in which a student can obtain an MD degree in three years, we took our inspiration and guidance from Professor John R. Minarcik M.D. Dr. Minarcik is an American physician, board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He received his MD at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and completed residencies in pathology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He was in the private practice of pathology until 2002, then began teaching pathology at US and Caribbean medical schools and online. He is the author of over 750 medical student educational videos in histopathology, which have been viewed over 5 million times by over 6000 medical student subscribers. His collection of pathology and histology instructional videos can be found here:

Dr. Minarcik has long made the case for online medical education. Since 2009, he has created a worldwide distance learning medical course in pathology, broadcasting pathology lectures, microscope slides, and discussions. He notes that third world medical schools can have the benefit of USA-level professors via the internet.

Finding excellent knowledgeable professors of medicine is not so easy for an online medical program such as ours which is low cost, and so the ability to pick and choose course content from many medical professionals and change it at any time appeals to us.

So, don’t think an online medical degree program is off in left field somewhere, but rather know that this form of medical education is new and real and coming soon to every medical school near you.