Recent Medical Graduate Obtains Diploma in Occupational Medicine

Although we stress that our MD degree is not for purposes of practicing medicine, what one can achieve with it really depends upon country rules and regulations which vary widely. All of Blue Marble University doctoral programs are deemed equivalent to regionally accredited US colleges and universities. Those of our graduates across all programs who… Read More

Online MD Curriculum at Blue Marble University Medical School

Blue Marble University Medical School, an online MD program for non-clinical careers, announces additions to its executive MD Curriculum to better prepare students for work in bio-medical fields and medical/hospital practice management.  Blue Marble University Medical School offers the world’s first and only online MD program. Intended for non-clinical careers, the program does not include… Read More

Home Schoolers and Non-Traditional Applicants Welcome

5 Year Fast Track Combined Online BS/MD Degree Blue Marble University Medical School has a wonderful program for high school students as well as for non-traditional applicants such as home schooled students. Although high school graduates are welcome to our online MD program, we also offer several ways to a Doctor of Medicine degree without… Read More

Blue Marble University Online Medical School

September 22,2015: Blue Marble University (Commonwealth of Dominica) announces the opening of its new online medical school: Blue Marble University Medical School which offers the world’s only online MD degree program that can be completed in 3 years. Tuition is $2950 USD per year. The distance learning University is offering two online MD programs, a… Read More