Careers for 3 Year Online Medical Degree

Online Doctor of Medicine degree from Blue Marble University Medical School

The Blue Marble University Medical School online MD degree for non-clinical careers is one of the most useful degrees you can own. As stated in our materials, our online MD degree is intended for non-clinical careers, meaning careers that do not involve the actual practice of medicine as a licensed physician.

There are many uses for our MD degree in non-clinical careers. Examples of general fields of endeavor where an MD degree can be used for career advancement are:




Health Systems

Risk Management

Occupational Health


Medical Research

Within these general fields, specific jobs are almost too numerous to mention, but some examples include:

Participation in the clinical trials organization and monitoring

Serving as Medical Officer for corporations

Health Insurance compliance officer for corporations

Wall Street analyst specializing in medically related companies

Surgical medical devices representative

Agricultural and Nutrition research

Environmental sciences

Criminal law: forensic scientist

Medical devices representative

Lobbyist for health care providers and health insurance companies

Scientific writer and medical journal editor

Public health policy boards

See Alternative Career Options for MD’s detailed by the University of Colorado Medical School: Alternative Medical Careers for Unlicensed MD’s

And the further presentation of bio-careers at:

Plus, not only can your MD degree from Blue Marble University Medical School be used in many fields as noted above, but also just in applying for many other non-medically related positions, having a MD degree may give you an advantage over the competition. It is a great degree for career advancement for those working adults which are either already in established careers, or are looking to make a change.

That’s why we say in our website: “Don’t think of an MD degree from Blue Marble University Medical School as leading to being an “unlicensed physician”, but rather as someone who is an Executive MD,  Medical Scientist, or Medical Administrator.  We teach you the “language of medicine”, and in order to understand and effectively use the language, you have to be trained in the medical arts. That is what our online M.D. Degree is all about.

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