A Case Report on the Medical Management of Vulvar Crohn’s Disease by Topical Therapy

Editor’s Note: In this paper, true clinicians Drs. Hicks and Lim, undertake the treatment of a rare case of Crohn’s disease affecting the vulva which they treated successfully with a novel topical application of medication when more pressing medical problems necessitated the interruption of her systemic Crohn’s therapy. As a Medical School, we are always pleased to report on new ideas and new ways of doing something. Which leads us into Stem Cell Therapy with mesenchymal stem cells harvested from belly fat via micro-liposuction, being applied worldwide to successfully treat Crohn’s Disease. Except in the US. In the US, for some reason, practitioners believe that “stem cell therapy” means first wipe out the immune system with chemotherapy and/or radiation, and then re-implant the patient’s stem cells previously harvested prior to immune eradication. This is nutty and is not “stem cell therapy”.  As Dr. Neil Riordan, who directs the well regarded Panama Stem Cell Institute has stated: “Mesenchymal stem cells do not need myeloablation for efficacy” pointing out that with autologous stem cell therapy, there is no risk of immune rejection. While recognizing that myeloablative therapy may show some benefit, “… at least for those patients who survive the life-threatening destruction of their immune systems from the chemotherapy… One can only conclude, therefore, as has already been demonstrated by other doctors at other clinics [outside the US], that patients would exhibit even greater and faster improvement if they did not have to recover from the deliberate destruction of their immune systems prior to receiving the stem cell therapy.” One recent review of clinical studies details positive results with using autologous stem cells alone: Autologous Stem Cells For Crohn’s. It is time to stop using chemicals and to begin treating this orphan disease, which has enjoyed no major treatment improvement in 40 years, with autologous stem cell therapy, using high dosages of adipose sourced mesenchymal stem cells as the First Line of Therapy, not as an after thought.

Cite this paper as follows: Laurence V. Hicks, Sr. and Scott Jit-Meng Lim, “A Case report on the Medical Management of Vulvar Crohn’s Disease by Topical Therapy”, October 2019, Blue Marble University Medical School News, published online at: https://bluemarbleuniversitymedicalschool.com/2019/10/01/a-case-report-on-the-medical-management-of-vulvar-crohns-disease-by-topical-therapy/ 

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Paper on therapy of vulvar Crohn's disease and stem cell therapy for Crohn's



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