What We Learned About Medical School Dropouts

Blue Marble University Medical School offers the only online M.D. degree in the world. An “executive style” degree, our MD program is intended for non-clinical careers in medically related fields such as hospital administration, medical device development and sales, pharmaceutical research, the insurance industry, and medical regulatory agencies.

The true rate of medical student drop-outs is well hidden and largely kept secret by the medical schools and the medical education industry. They don’t want you to know how many medical students never make it. Most dropouts are not counted at all. Students wanting or having to leave for different reasons are encouraged to take “leave of absence”, a category which is never counted as “medical school dropout” even if the student never returns.

Many medical students are not counted as “dropouts” even if they fail the required US licensing exams after the first two years of study. They are permitted to continue even though there is no chance of ever becoming licensed as a physician.

Some reasons for students dropping out of medical school are:

1. Changes in Life Circumstances- The medical education process is so long that many things can happen along the way to derail you. Finances, the death or severe illness of a family member, or even changing interests are all things that can pull you away from staying in school. Something as simple as an illness can destroy a medical school campaign.

2. Academic Capacity- The ability to retain the sheer amounts of difficult and complicated material can become a problem. Memorization is essential and requires great stamina.

3. Financial issues requiring part-time jobs- Worries about money and paying for tuition can impact classes and clinical work. Tuition fees are the leading cause of medical students dropping out of school in the United States. Studying medicine is expensive and increases in tuition fees each year can be overwhelming, up to the point where you’re forced to drop out. Medical students try to finding part-time jobs that can support the cost of medical studies. However, the rigor of medical school both in and out of the classroom makes it almost impossible to juggle both a job and the curriculum.

Contrary to the fake statistics promulgated by medical schools, the drop out rate for medical students is quite high if you consider those that failed the required US Medical Licensing Exam which occurs after the first two years of study, those that drop out due to financial circumstances, and those that take a “leave of absence”. Those that complete the course work but are unable to complete the clinical rotations and end up with no MD degree are likewise not reported as dropping out.

If one includes the experiences of US medical students attending the many Caribbean based medical schools and other off shore medical schools such as in the Philippines, the actual failure rate is closer to 15-20% of all medical students enrolled.

Here at Blue Marble University Medical School, we get many inquiries from medical students who completed all medical coursework at a medical school but ended up with no M.D. degree. It is amazing how many such students there are. Worse than being an unlicensed MD, these medical students have no M.D. at all. So, what we learned is that there are many medical school dropouts that can benefit from completing their medical education at Blue Marble University Medical School.

Blue Marble University Medical School has the cure for those with a partial medical education but no MD degree. We transfer all of your medical school courses that duplicate courses in our Curriculum and permit you to proceed to complete our MD program leading to an MD degree.

And we offer an online medical school program only, so there is no need for any residence requirement. Which is why we serve students on 5 continents.

And as we state on our website, an MD degree from Blue Marble University Medical School puts you on the same footing as all the other graduates of standard medical schools who chose to forego clinical internships and licensing exams. With an MD degree from Blue Marble University Medical School, you are set to enter a fulfilling career in many medically related fields as a non-licensed physician.

We discuss the alternative career options for non-licensed MD’s HERE: 

Our online medical school is the most popular program at Blue Marble University. It is a very useful MD program that can cover many different career paths.

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