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Blue Marble University Medical School, a 3 year totally online medical school, offers an M.D. degree for working adults in various medically related careers. Not intended for the clinical practice of medicine in a one-on-one patient encounter, our graduates are on the same footing as unlicensed physicians. Our online MD degree is for use in the following: careers:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Bio-Medical Research

Clinic and Hospital Management

Medical Device Researcha nd Manufacturing

Serving as Medical Professional

Health Insurance Industry

Corporate Medical Insurance Department

Writing and Consulting

Medical Laboratory Ownership

Medical Malpractice Claims Consultant

Clinic Operations such as Cosmetic Clinics

Teaching Medical and Bio-Medical Courses

So there are quite a few fields in which the Blue Marble University M.D. degree can be a career booster.

One of the topics covered in our M.D. online curriculum is Alternative Medicine, and our course description is Here:

Alternative Medicine  Introduction to the growing field of alternative medicine, by which we mean the alternative to allopathic medicine as practiced today in most countries. Allopathic medicine is what is taught in medical schools and revolves around medicines and procedures to effectuate “cures” or control disease. This course introduces alternative approaches toward healing including botanical medicine and herbology, including transdermal and patch technology for delivering botanicals. Example botanicals such as Cannabidiol and Kratom (Thai Red Baca) for pain, are studied in depth.

We believe that Alternative Medicine is a growing field and offers useful therapy potentials. Of course, the field of alternative medicine is still developing and not without its problems. 

Take for example the herbal extract “Icariin”, widely touted and sold as an herbal substitute for Viagra (sildenafil).  Icariin is the herbal compound isolated from the Epimedium plant, also known as Horny Goat Weed. In fact, it has no activity whatsoever and is a worthless product that does nothing. One can ingest a mountain of icariin capsules and not even the slightest erectogenic effect will be achieved due to insolubility and total lack of uptake in the gut.

In the following  peer reviewed paper, Walter P. Drake (the Director of the Blue Marble University Medical School) and colleague Laurence V. Hicks Sr., M.D.  destroyed the myth that the herbal extract Icariin is useful for patients with Erectile Dysfunction (ED): 

Drake,W.P. and Hicks,L.V.Sr., “A Transdermal Formulation of Icariin for Use as a Substitute for Sildenafil and A Showing of No Clinical Efficacy”, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 8(9): 939 – 943, 2019.

First, the authors started by reviewing previous demonstrations of the insolubility of the herbal extract Icariin, and low uptake in the gut. Then they go on to create for the first time a transdermal preparation of icariin in a penetrating cream so as to deliver the herbal compound directly to the blood stream. The cream had a concentration of Icariin at 100mg/ml, and 500 mg/day was used in the clinical trial for 14 days. No erectogenic effect was observed. Some unscrupulous sellers state that one must use this compound for several months to see an effect. But since Icariin has a half-life of only about an hour, it is rapidly cleared from the system, and long term supplementation would not be additive, since maximum erectogenic effect, if any, would be expected to peak by an hour or so. The authors conclude that this herbal compound has no beneficial activity for ED whatsover, a finding confirmed by another lab mentioned in the article which reported no finding of the compound in the blood after 1680 mg of oral ingestion.

You can view and download the paper HERE, click the bottom full screen button for full screen view:



Blue Marble University Medical School is directed by people who know medicine. Many Instructors have their hands in the medical research, some are physicians. We offer a terrific medical education program that not only covers the usual medical courses found in traditional medical schools, but also includes courses in many peripheral but career building topics like: Stem Cell Medicine, Medical Devices, Hospital Management, Medical Insurance and Coding, Medical Records Management, Medical Negligence Claims and Procedures, and Forensic Medicine.

The M.D. degree offered online by Blue Marble University Medical School is great degree to have as it is useful in a large variety of career paths. You will always have something unusual and beneficial to present when applying for a position. 

Now serving 5 continents, Blue Marble University Medical School offers an M.D. degree for non-clinical careers. And the tuition is only $3200 USD per year when paid in advance, or $3450 USD with no-interest payment plan.

Blue Marble University Medical School

The Only 3 Year Online MD Degree in the World

An Executive Type MD Education For Non-Clinical Medical Careers

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Notice: The MD degree issued by Blue Marble University can never be used for physician licensing purposes, to satisfy any education requirements for licensing as a physician or other licensed health care provider, or for any work involving direct patient care. In the USA and most countries, it is illegal to hold oneself out as a licensed physician unless one is in fact licensed.

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