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Stem Cell Medicine taught at Blue Marble University Medical School, Commonwealth of Dominica. MD degree academically equivalent to a traditional US medical school. Online MD degree for non-clinical careers in medicine. Interesting and novel medical courses taught at Blue Marble Online Medical School

Blue Marble University Medical School is an online medical school offering a 3 year online MD degree. A very affordable program costing as low as $3200 per year, the program has been deemed academically equivalent to a US medical school by various foreign education credential reviewers. Medical school graduates are in the same position as unlicensed physicians from a traditional medical school in that they cannot practice medicine nor treat patients, yet can find careers in medically related fields such as hospital and clinic management, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical devices industry, medical insurance industry, medical education,  and many other health care niches.

In order to deliver a broad based medical school program, the Blue Marble University Medical School curriculum includes many interesting and unusual courses.

For example, an entire 4 month term is spent on teaching the new stem cell medicine. Students begin with the introductory course, Stem Cell Biology, to learn the basics, and then proceed to “Autologous Stem Cell Therapy” where they learn current therapies in use worldwide. Finally, the series moves to “Mixed Cell Regenerative Medicine and the 21st Century Cures Act-The Law Authorizing Stem Cell Treatments in the United States”, which further develops the student’s understanding of developing practices in the US, focusing on the fact that most stem cell procedures involved mixed cell types, as well as the new companion therapies involving Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stromal Vascular Fractions (SVF). The courses are taught by stem cell scientist Walter P. Drake,  co-author of the first paper published in the United States showing the safety of adult stem cell therapy: “Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction”. J Clin Med Res 2017: 9(11): 935-942.

Another interesting and novel course offered by Blue Marble University Medical School is “Alternative Medicine” which introduces alternative approaches toward healing including botanical medicine and herbology, including transdermal and patch technology for delivering botanicals. Example botanicals such as Cannabidiol and Kratom (Thai Red Baca) for pain, are studied in depth.

Courses sure to be useful in medical management careers include “Medical Devices”, Medical Insurance and Coding”, and “Hospital Management”, topics never covered at traditional medical schools, yet very useful for medical school graduates of Blue Marble University Medical School.

The complete unique and interesting medical school curriculum can be seen HERE:  Blue Marble University Medical School Curriculum

And eligibilty to enter is very easy, as almost anyone can meet the admission requirements of the Blue Marble University Medical School 3 year or 5 year online programs.

If you are looking for an M.D. program that will give you a Doctor of Medicine degree to fast track your entry into a well paying health career, the unique and affordable online medical school offered at Blue Marble University is a terrific idea.  An MD degree for non-clinical careers… that is  what is offered at Blue Marble University Medical School.

Blue Marble University Medical School
The Only 3 Year Online MD Degree in the World

An Executive Type MD Education For Non-Clinical Medical Careers

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Notice: The MD degree issued by Blue Marble University can never be used for physician licensing purposes, to satisfy any education requirements for licensing as a physician or other licensed health care provider, or for any work involving direct patient care. In the USA and most countries, it is illegal to hold oneself out as a licensed physician unless one is in fact licensed.

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